Jun 24, 2010

Ebay.... my new replacement addiction

I quit smoking 8 weeks ago this coming Thursday.   Yup, two months cold turkey, 200 dum dum lollipops and some temper tantrums later I am still smoke free.   However, I am not addiction free.   Somehow during the last two months I have acquired a full blown Ebay addiction.   I am one of those night crawlers who looks up listings ending in the next two minutes and will buy almost anything under $1 with free shipping 'because it's such a good deal!'   Something about grabbing an item just as it ends is so satisfying. (we call that Ebay sniping- and don't feel bad for those who lose to me- I get sniped all the time too)   A week ago I got my monthly Ebay invoice and saw the total items I had bought and how much I had spent (those $1 items add up FAST!) and I had a serious reality check and decided to do something about it.   I became an Ebay seller.
You read that right.   I took my problem and turned it to my advantage (or at least, turned it so I am not going to go broke buying things I like winning and have no use for once they get delivered).   I currently have over 130 items listed and probably as many already photographed and waiting to be listed.   I even went so far as to try to buy a mannequin to pose all the clothing on- and randomly the nicest lady in the world (or at least, in this area anyway) lent me her beautiful dress form FOR FREE after I posted it on a website-she didn't know me or ask me for anything in return, just asked me to bring it back the next day as we had agreed on the phone, which I did.   Thanks Elaine!  

I've actually been pretty successful, but if you compare the amount I have sold (after fees and all that) to what I spent buying (again after fees and everything) I am still kind of very much negative.   i am not sure I can make it all back, and then make a profit, but I want to at least get back to zero.

So, in an effort to gain more bidders and buyers I am blogging about this- and to be honest I have some pretty cool stuff listed- some vintage stuff, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, purses.   Mostly cool to females (unless you are a male who likes shoes and dresses- no judgement, I accept money from anyone as long as it's legal) but also great stuff for gifting.

If you have a minute, I'd appreciate you stopping by and browsing :)   who knows, maybe you'll even buy something!

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