Jun 15, 2010

Coldplay gives Glee access?

I am always on the hunt for the next hit song that Glee should cover- usually it is something already in my music library.   I knew that Glee pays for all the songs equally- no one can demand more money per song because they pay at a set rate.

I think I commented before that I was annoyed that they hadn't done any Eric Clapton.   Another musician I wondered about was Brian Adams- according to this article, now we know the truth!   I am a little anxious about this news that Coldplay has finally agreed to let them use their music (ownership controversy aside, I KNOW, a lot of people believe all their stuff is plagiarized, get over it).   However, here's my question- how the heck are they going to put a Coldplay song into the plot?   I mean, I guess a very sad Sue Sylvester can amble down the halls singing 'I used to rule the world, Seas would rise when I gave the word...' but really, it seems awkward at best!

Perez blogged it- read it here 

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