Jun 30, 2010

Carrrrlos from Peurrrto Rrrrrrrico (America's Got Talent)

You know how those geeky clueless people walk out onto the stage and the audience is already laughing just at their appearance?   That was the way this kid was portrayed on the show....until he started singing...

For the record, I love this song- I have a very vivid memory of hearing Andrea Boccelli singing this song- and Carlos Aponte doesn't sound much worse than that!   Amazingly well done.   The last few minutes were hilarious- when the audience was applauding and he just stood there with this amazed look on his face, and even shooed Nick away when he tried to motion him off the stage.   Piers very tactfully asks him if he has anything to say before he goes and he just smiles and says 'Thank you'.

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