Jun 18, 2010

Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus (live)

So, I always judge singers by one thing- how do they sound live?   I have to say, Miley sounds great live.   I know this isn't a very challenging song vocally, but it does have a lot of octave changes and it could be very easy to fumble the words.   Props Miss Miley!   At 2:07 she does a violent head swing...she looks great!  

I am so curious as to how she will morph and change as she gets older.   She is definitely following down the Britney path, but I am not convinced she will end up the same way.   A part of me is really rooting for her to be the next Madonna-ish type of celebrity, who ages and somehow retains that 'It' factor.   Time will tell I guess.   Of course, she could always end up a washed up twenty-something who stages photo-ops to get attention, but we'll see.

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