Jun 22, 2010

‘Bachelor’ Jake Pavelka and fiancée Vienna split

Who didn't see this one coming?

Jake Pavelka and Vienna the ex-Hooter's waitress have split.   Shocker.   He should have chosen Tensley- at least then when it didn't work out she'd have had an amazing sob story (her first husband cheated on her and left her and she had only been with one man at the time of the taping of the show).   She could have been the next Bachelorette- btw, speaking of which, does anyone care about this season's Bachlorette?   I can't even remember her name and I find her uber boring and WHINY (watch the last episode where she is sick- she whines so much!)

Jake was a great guy- but then he found success as a reality star and now I would bet this corn fed home grown man of the skies will do the Hollywood thing for a while then fade into oblivion once more.

Vienne?   I predict Playboy in  year or two.

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