May 14, 2010

A Few More of My Favorite Songs (Feel free to forward to Ryan Murphy so Glee uses them!)

Since Glee has revived the popularity of almost every single song on my playlists, I keep searching through my music thinking of which songs I wish they would cover next...I don't  actually care if anyone thinks this is crazy, but my FAVORITE song of all time is:

While I was looking for this video, I stumbled on another one that makes me absolutely giddy- and it cracks me up that this person (who obviously tweaked the Glee version the make this song) credits GLEE as making the song a hit!   Ouch- ever heard of a little band called JOURNEY and a guy named STEVE PERRY?!?

It seems people really get a kick out of speeding up hit songs.   I stumbled across a treasure trove of chipmunk songs when I was looking for the 'Girls of Rock and Roll' song!

Another song I would to see regain it's hit status is A-ha's 'Take on Me'.   I adore the intro, and for years thought it was written by some wedding singers since it was performed at every religious wedding I ever went to- then I got older and found out it was actually a pop song!   I think the video was very groundbreaking for it's time too.

I have a Top 5 and this next song is definitely in it- More Than a Feeling by Boston- close your eyes and feel the beat...listen to the guitar- definitely one of the best songs ever. (I chose another version because the original music video by Boston had bad acoustics)

And finally, one of my top five songs- Walk Like a Man (Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons).   I dare you to watch the movie 'Heart and Souls' and not love this song- DARE YOU :)

I love the movie so much I went and found it on YouTube for you! (How cute is Robert Downey Jr. here?)

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