May 5, 2010

Miley Cyrus - Can't Tame Me video

I am officially a fan! Miley has finally found herself in this video. It is cheeky, dangerous, edgy and exciting. She was a 'cute' kid but I am certain that now she will take over for the ageing pop queens and rule the genre. She is not copying Britney Spears, as Perez suggests, but rather adapting what Britney did best when she was in her prime and giving it a modern look for this decade. Of course, I am still a Britney fan, but I have to admit- i wasn't one in the 90's when she was first hot, it was only after she collaborated with Madonna that I started to listen to her music and then I began to love her older stuff as well.

To critique the actual video for a moment- it is the first time I couldn't take my eyes off of a Miley performance. From her amazing elaborate costume (the giant wings in the intro were AWESOME) to the 'bird like yet sleek' dance moves...a polished, cohesive performance. Also, I have never seen Miley control an entire dance crew, but she does just that here ans still manages to keep all eyes on her.

This is the start of the next big 'it' thing...and I am looking forward to seeing what else Miley brings our way!

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