May 12, 2010

Glee - Laryngitis

This episode was interesting- it focused solely on the kids story lines and not on the adults at all. I would like to see Mike and Other Asian have some sort of story line, but then again, I also want to find out more about Artie and Tina too, so not a big thing for me. Most of the Glee club kids (aside from Mike and other Asian) have been given a chance to flesh out their characters so far, hopefully it continues. (Also, one day I would really like to meet Rachel's two gay dads!!!)

Puck starts off the show by debuting his newly shaved head. Everyone freaks out and stares at him- even the nerds lose their fear of him! He explains to Santana that his mom found a mole while she was washing his hair and he had to go to the dermatologist to get it checked out- and the doctor shaved his head to get a better look! Santana is bored and tells him she doesn't know if it's because he lost the mohawk or because he's whining but she is totally not attracted to him at the moment.

Rachel secretly tapes the Glee rehearsals to prove to Mr. Shu that not everyone is singing, and then Mr. Shu assigns them the weeks homework- to find a song that represents each of them. Rachel starts off by singing Miley Cyrus 'It's the Climb' and completely blows it! (Admit it, that was PAINFUL to listen to!) Turns out, Rachel has laryngitis. Finn takes her to the doctor and she finds out she actually has tonsillitis and needs to get her tonsils removed. She freaks out because she is scared it could ruin her voice and then what would she do? Also, she explains to Finn that Jesse is on spring break with his Vocal Adrenaline friends, but that she still has feelings for him, so Finn should move on---- and this segues into one of my favorite songs ever!!!

Jessie's Girl (yay!) sung by Finn- and also his chosen song for their weekly assignment. It is hilarious to see him seeing it directly at Rachel and watching her squirm. You can skip right to the scene at 12:10 (yeah, I got smart and started writing down the times of the songs).

So, withh his new loser status due to loss of his mohawk, Puck decides he needs to date Mercedes after the nerds toss him into the dumpster. She absolutely blows him off "You're Top 40 and I'm Rhythm and Blues!"- and therefore at 14:40 he brings in a jazz band and sings his song for the week- The Lady is a Tramp. Mercedes joins him, and throughout you can see the smoke starting to simmer from Santana's ears (which I found odd since wasn't he with Quinn...the girl he got pregnant?!? And didn't Santana just sleep with Finn? Why does she feel she has a right to be possessive?) Also, I know this song is a classic, but if Puck is singing it TO Mercedes, isn't he calling her a tramp? What am I missing? After the song Mercedes approaches Quinn to explain that she likes Puck, and Quinn tells her she has no problem with it, but that he is just using Mercedes for popularity and will hurt her. Quinn also explains the question we have all wondered but that the show, in typical Glee mode, has failed to address- she is now living at Puck's (his mom won't let her eat bacon).

Kurt has been feeling very left out, since his dad keeps taking Finn to sports events and things, so he chooses a MELLENCAMP song (18:48) and decks himself out in flannel and a trucker hat! A little obvious and extreme, but Glee has never tried to be subtle anyway (have we already forgotten the deaf rendition of 'Imagine'?). Brittney walks up to Kurt after he sings and tells him it was hot- then she goes on to tell him she has made out with every guy at school but never tried with him because she thought he was gay, and that she would like to make out with him so she can have a perfect record. She says 'Let me know if you want to tap this' and saunters away...

Rachel is losing her mind because she believes without her voice she is nobody, and when Finn encounters her in the hallway in what looks like pajamas, with her hair in two messy braids and a bowl of cereal he tries to get her to think positively. She replies with:
"I am like Tinkerbell, I need applause to live!!"

Cut to Kurt and Brittney making out in his room, when his dad walks in holding a sign that says 'Do not disturb, I am making out with a girl'. His dad thought it was the first clue to a murder mystery, and Kurt tells him he is having sexual relations with Brittney. His dad pulls him aside and says he was just getting used to the gay thing, but he will support whatever Kurt decides and as he leaves he tells them to be careful, and use protections.
So Brittney asks Kurt:
"Does he mean, like, a burglar alarm?"

(25:24) Mercedes and Santana duet the Brandy/Monica song 'The Boy is Mine'- they even start out by talking on their cell phones while walking next to each other down the hall! The song ends with them exchanging a few pushes and shoves in the Glee room, where Mr. Shu breaks it up. It was nice to finally hear Santana sing! It ends with Santana walking away and shouting back at Mercedes "Enjoy it while it lasts, his hair's already starting to grow back!"

Finn takes Rachel to meet his friend Sean, a football player who got injured and is now paralyzed. He is trying to show her to be grateful for all that she does have, even if that doesn't include her voice. I get the message, but it was awkward to watch.

Puck is back on top now that he dating Mercedes (she is cool because she is a Cheerio) and he resumes throwing nerds into the dumpster- Mercedes gets mad and tells him to stop, but he insists it's the natural order of things. So Mercedes goes to Sue Sylvester and quits the Cheerios.
Sue: "Nobody quits the Cheerios! You either die or I kick you off!"

So Kurt and Brittney are walking down the hallway holding hands and everyone is giving them funny looks (Check out Artie's face). Kurt sees his dad in the hallway again, he is there to take Finn to another 'boys' thing. Kurt is PISSED!
(33:47) He starts singing 'Rose's Turn' and it becomes this giant belted out song with his name behind him on stage in bright P-diddy letters and when it is finished...there is someone clapping. His dad came back. after blowing aFinn off, to make sure Kurt was okay. They talk and his dad tells Kurt to be who he is, not who he thinks he needs to be. (awwww). I love Kurt- but he is wayyy too g=fabulous to be changing who he is, he should stick to singing mind blowing notes and being the chic trendsetter with flawless skin that we have grown to know and adore.

The episode ends with Rachel going back to see Sean, and offering him voice lessons, since she has gotten her voice back. Because of him she has realized that you can be more than one thing. They start singing (42:25) U2's "One"...and then suddenly the Glee club is singing it on stage...and then it fades back to Sean and Rachel singing it. It's still awkward to watch, and although Sean has a good voice, I think he is purposely trying not to sing well so that he can show improvement in later episodes (if he stays on as a character).

Glee seems to thrive on leaving some story lines hanging for a few episodes- like what is happening with Sandy (the fired Glee club teacher)? How about Terry- are her and Mr. Shu divorced? What is Quinn going to do with the baby when it is born? Will we ever get to hear Idina Menzel sing? Who else is totally psyched for Neil Patrick Harris?????
It's ok, I don't mind the suspense because I like knowing the show has more to develop, it keeps things interesting!

Finally, I need to say this- has anyone else picked up on the fact that Finn sings A LOT better than he did for the first half of Season 1? He does a great job on the U2 song and of course, on 'Jessie's Girl'.

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