May 21, 2010

Glee - Dream On a.k.a. IDINA MENZEL IS HER MOM AND NPH!!!!!

Ok, a lot of awesome things happened in this episode and some things I didn't like as well.   You can click on the words 'this episode' in the previous sentence and read the whole plot summary on Wikipedia...I don't have the patience.   I will, however, bullet point my thoughts.

  • NPH (Neil Patrick Harris).   He is such a wonderful character in every show he is in (I am choosing to disregard his 'Harold & Kumar' foray).   He is also extremely talented and I loved hearing him sing...and I hope they keep Brian Ryan around for at least a few episodes.
  • Billy Joel 'Piano Man'.   Ehhh.   Not impressed- I feel like they half-assed it and put it in as an after thought almost- who sings to a jukebox song at a sports bar??? 
  • Aerosmith 'Dream On'.   Le...gen...wait for it...dary!   I really liked how closely NPH and Mathew Morrison's voices blended.   It was hard to tell when they switched off, except you suddenly saw the other one's mouth moving (And if you want to giggle- watch the ending of the song- yes it was vocally phenomenal, but LOOK AT HOW FUNNY THEY BOTH LOOK!   Why are their tongues hanging out??? Dramatic effect?)
  • Jesse.   Oh Jesse.   I love you and you are making me want to kick you in the nads.   I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO BETRAY RACHEL SOMEHOW.   It was nice that he came back, until you realize he came back to help Idina (god, I really need to try to remember her character's name already!) tell Rachel who her mother is...
  • Rachel's Mother.   Okay, so...does Rachel know Idina is her mother?   I assume she does since she heard the tape and it ended up a duet with the two of them singing 'I dreamed a Dream' (another amazing blend of voices- and so nice to finally hear Idina singing!).   ***Side point***No, this song is not originally Susan Boyle's!   It is from Les Miserables, the play Shu and NPH audition for in the episode****   But they never actually acknowledge that Idina is her mom, so maybe Rachel now just knows what her mother's voice sounds like???   That opens up the story to have a cool twist- like she overhears a Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal where Idina starts singing and puts two and two together- I can just see her eyes widening as that light bulb lights up- I can  picture her rushing up onstage and joining Idina in a burst of song!   I am glad that the writer's actually listened to the fans and wrote Idina in as her mom- just hope they don't screw it up.   (and once more, BAD Jesse for lying and sneaking the tape into the box for Rachel to find!)
  • Molly Shannon.   Who is she sleeping with on the show to get that part?   Most random bit of casting ever- but hopefully they flesh out her character because she can be funny.   Also, the guy who is at the 'Showtunes Anonymous' meeting with her and NPH played her husband on 'Kath & Kim' and show that was cancelled because no one watched it (but me, thank you Hulu).
  • Artie.   Poor Artie.   I almost cried when he got up out of the chair in the mall and joined the flash mob dance group.   I was trying to decide if the writer's were actually pushing the envelope to tell us that in one day of therapy he learned how to walk and can now dance just as well if not better than Other Asian...or if it was a dream.   Sadly, it was the latter and that was harsh since I actually LOVE 'The Safety Dance' song.   Also, when he tried to walk earlier in the Glee room with Tina using the crutches and he fell and just lay there, I was ready to bawl.   It was a rough week for Artie- even though he finally got to kiss Tina more than once, in the end he had to sing (very well) while watching her and Other Asian dance the final number.
  • Other Asian.   Is it time to start using his character's name yet?   FYI- Mike Chang.   :)
  • Final Song/Dance 'Dream a little Dream of Me'.   So Artie is singing and casting sad puppy dog eyes at Tina while she tap dances with Mike Chang.   The dance itself seemed a little sloppy (or maybe I am super judgmental now because I actually watched this entire season of Dancing with the Stars) but I LOVED the dark background with the starry lights and the pretty blue shirts.   It was a clean aesthetic and really helped emphasize the drama of the last few moments of the show.   Quinn was sweet when she put her hand comfortingly on Artie's shoulder as he sang, and I also noticed she had one hand on her belly, so yes, she is still pregnant (forgive me, it gets confusing).
  • Joss Whedon- he directed this episode of Glee and if you don't know who he is, well you have for sure seen his work- he is the guy behind 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' and 'The Doll House' among other shows.   One of the reasons you feel closer emotionally to the characters this week is because that is what Joss Whedon does- he connects the audience.   He also helped develop some of the flailing story lines, but sadly no one liners from Brittney.
  • Sue Sylvester.   SHE SLEEPS WITH NPH!!!!!
Until next week.....


  1. listen carefully, during dream on, im pretty sure NPH is using autotone... pretty sure.

  2. I don't think so, but a funny episode of 'Chuck' was on NBC this week and there was a whole bit about auto tune...very cute :)