May 5, 2010

Glee - Bad Reputation

Last weeks episode of Glee was underwhelming for me after the first episode back in months followed by the much hyped 'Madonna' episode. I felt they underutilized Kristen Chenowith completely and didn't like the whole singing in bed will Will thing, although it was pretty to listen to, I felt like a creepy peeping tom. This week, for the first time ever, I felt like the story line followed the pace of a regular show instead of passing by at warp speed. It was oddly nice and disconcerting at the same time since usually i am struggling to follow every second and cannot take my eyes away for a moment or I miss things.

I thought Quinn putting up the 'Glist' was lame, but since it helped promote the 'reputation' storyline and allowed us to see some of the Glee kids trying to be 'bad' by performing Hammertime in the librabry (hammer pants and all!) I will forgive it. She seems to have stalled being pregnant, since her stomache hasn't grown much that i can notice. The Ice Ice Baby song was fun to watch, but why does Mr. Shue always try to rap? They are a little late on reintroducing this song to mainstream again since the hilarious duo of Jedward already did that when they mashed it up with Under Pressure. Go ahead and watch the video- Vanilla Ice makes a cameo and it's hilarious:

Back to Glee, a self confessed 80's lover, most of the songs Glee performs have been in my playlists for it is cool to see that they are getting a chance to make a comeback. Last week they tried to make it more showtuney and I think that risks alienation from both new fans who just started watching for the second half of the season and fans who have been there since the beginning and have come to expect a good mix of pop, rock and 80's.

The Sue Sylvester/Olivia Newton John thing was funny and weird. It is starting to remind me off Will & Grace- remember how everybody wanted to make a special guest appearance on that show? :) I wasn't especially fond of the Emma being mad thing, she is much funnier happy, but I get it and it was necessary in the story line anyway.

I do have one problem- I like Jesse St. James (along with every other female and more than a few males in the US) and I want him to stay a huge part of the show, so it sucks that Rachel messed it up. It does however open the plot to allow that maybe he really did transfer to the school just be near Rachel- but now spurned and heart broken he will start to spy on them after all...I didn't really care about the 'Run Joey Run' song that Rachel performed to trick the three guys into being in her video, but I laughed out loud when I saw Stephen Tobolowski (remember- he was the old Glee coach in the first episodes who got fired) playing her dad in the video.

Finally, I LOVED the end performance of Total Eclipse of the Heart. It has been a favorite song for years, and I really liked the ballet class dancing, and the way it was sung. It is a great song, and they sang it well.

One thing I have noticed and forgotten to mention is that every song they sing, they ALWAYS make it sound the way the original is sung. You can really hear it if you listen to the first soundtrack. Lea Michele sings the Kelly Clarkson song the way Kelly songs it, same with Celine Dion, Jordin Sparks, Rihanna, Wicked, Cabaret...and of course this song. It is not only her, just it is very noticeable when she does it, and I like it. Looking forward to next week- and hoping to finally hear Idina Menzel sing!!!!!


  1. this episode rocked... i loved the run joey run video, i actually kept getting confused if it was jesse or finn they looked really similar (except walking down the hallway finn's frickin huge).... but total eclipse of the heart was unbelievable (tempered by the fact that watching them do ballet cracked me up.... i was annoyed that they used the title bad reputation without using the Joan Jett song of the same name!!! it would have been epic! couldnt you see them rushing down the halls belting it out?

    also when emma told will"this is the part where... and i forgive you" and then turns him down wqas great. Will IS a jerk very often when it comes to his relationships.

  2. They probably couldn't get the musical rights to the Joan Jett song since the movie 'The Runaways' just got made (starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning).

    Total Eclipse of the Heart is one of the best songs- part of my top favorites for sure! I am glad they are including songs even if people think they are cheesy cliche 80's songs- even if you can't admit it, that era of music was phenomenal and thanks to Glee a whole new generation of people now know it!