May 13, 2010

Derek Fisher a.k.a The Janitor

Ok, so I nicknamed Derek Fisher 'the Janitor'.   It is not a put down or derogatory in any way.   Simply put, no matter how badly the Lakers are playing, you can always count on Fisher to clean up after them.  The same way you have a janitor who keeps a facility clean and in good working order, Fisher keeps the Lakers neat and tidy.   As I mentioned in my previous post (LeBron v. Kobe) my best example of Fisher 'cleaning up' was during the Finals last year.   The Magic were about to win Game 4, which would have tied the teams 2-2.   Instead, Fisher managed to sneak in a 3 point shot just seconds before the buzzer, tying the score and bringing it into overtime.   The Lakers went on to win 99-91 against the Magic. (I found a great article that discusses his '0.4 seconds left before the buzzer' habit).

Although he is old by NBA standards, Fisher has proven time and again that he is consistent and can be counted on to play a solid game.   When you team him up with the flash bang of Kobe Bryant, the wingspan of Pau Gasol and the prowess of Lamar Odom (when he is on, he does have off days) it makes for one heck of a game!     I know I am unfair to Ron Artest, because I never give him credit (sorry, I am still getting used to him being on the Lakers, especially after his hilarious hissy fit during the 2009 Finals when he ran off the court like a little kid after Kobe elbowed him in the throat- after  he kept taking cheap shots at Kobe!).  I could list the entire team, but it's not necessary- the main four- Bryant, Fisher, Gasol and Odom are the backbone of this team.   I am not forgetting the other players (Bynum, Farmar, Brown, Morriosn, Mbenga, Powell, Vujacic and Walton) I am just highlighting the ones who form the cohesive center to a phenomenal team.

Kobe may be the stand alone superstar, with his ability to single handedly rack up points, but without his cleanup crew he'd be overwhelmed by opponent offense and never get anywhere.   No team in the NBA is stupid enough to leave him unguarded, so he had to overcome his Achille's Heel (He used to lack the ability to share the ball) and learn to play with a team.   Fisher has never been a flashy player, and he stays under the radar and maintains the calm center that makes up the Lakeshow- and so i fondly refer to him as 'the Janitor' and I hope he understands why.
Derek Fisher - Wikipedia

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