Apr 18, 2010

Jay Z feat. Beyonce @ Coachella 'Forever Young'

I love the original of this song (it speaks to the Peter Pan in me) but I am actually really loving the version jay Z has playing on the radio right now. Every time it comes on (and I am alone in the car)I inevitably start belting out the chorus, can't help it really, it speaks to me.

So it was probably a pretty cool treat for fans at the Coachella music festival in CA to have Jay Z perform th4e song- with a surprise guest- his wife Beyonce. She did a relatively good job (it's a great song, easy to sing and hard to ruin anyway) and you could tell the crowd was feeling it. I was supposed to be there so this is a tad bittersweet for me, but I have been promised that we will be making an appearance there next year, so I am pacified for the moment with just watching the video...
Jay-Z Surprises Coachella Audience With Beyonce

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