Apr 8, 2010

J Brazil on Perez Hilton!

It's about time! Whether you like his song or not, it's a fact that the multi-talented J Brazil has arrived with a fun beat and plenty of controversy into the limelight. Blogger Perez Hilton wrote an entire post about Brazil's song 'Girl I'm Tryin' on his blog today. Perez praises the sound and compares him to Sean Kingston writing:
Sean Kingston is gonna be pissed!
A new artist has come out with a song that not only infiltrates the reggae-tinged pop space he's done successfully, but he does it better than him!
His name is J Brazil and the song is called Girl, I'm Trying.
It features a sample of Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna… and, yes, the song is super fun. And it sounds very current.
If Justin Bieber released this, it'd be an instant international smash

Check out the post here: http://perezhilton.com/2010-04-08-watch-listen-hey-girl
Love it or hate it leave your comments and prove that this one is someone to look out for :)

Congrats J, super proud and looking forward to more amazing things from you!

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