Feb 15, 2010

Jay-Z weighs in on 'We Are the World' Part Deux

Perez posted this up on his site and I am glad that someone other than random bloggers (meaning, someone actually in the music industry) has come out against the remake:

The new version of We Are The World finally debuted on Friday during the opening ceremonies at the Olympics.

And although everyone's intentions to remake it were good, the new song has gotten some mixed reviews, with many thinking the original should have remained untouched.

One of those is Jay-Z, who admitted:

"I know everybody is gonna take this wrong: 'We Are the World,' I love it, and I understand the point and think it's great. But I think 'We Are the World' is like [Michael Jackson's] 'Thriller' to me. I don't ever wanna see it touched.

I'm a fan of music. I know the plight and everything that's going on in Haiti. I applaud the efforts: [Millions have been raised] through text [donations] to Haiti. So I appreciate the efforts and everything, but 'We Are The World' is [musically] untouchable like 'Thriller' is untouchable. Some things are just untouchable. It was a valiant effort, but for me, it's gonna be untouchable."

And the critics agree, with many of them tearing the song apart.

Seriously, who's idea was it to add Lil' Wayne to the remake??? Jay-Z added:

"I think it's time for us to make a new [song]. I tried to do that with 'Stranded,' [the song Jay, Rihanna and U2's Bono and the Edge premiered at the 'Hope for Haiti Now' telethon]. I didn't try to make 'We Are the World,' but I tried to make our take on how we felt."

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