Jan 2, 2010

Best Disney Movies 1973-1999 and Top 20 Disney Movies of All Time (as voted by the public)

I just watched this clip- dare you to name every single movie in order (i know almost every single one, there's one I am not sure of but other than that I knew them all!)

This is the most nostalgic stroll you can take down memory lane if you grew up on Disney movies, like I did. There are the obvious favorites, and then the more obscure yet no less wonderful ones. And yes, Prince Eric is still the handsomest prince (3:45 mark).

You know what defines a classic movie for me? It's a classic when hearing the smallest sound clip (a line or a song) or seeing a few seconds of a scene bring you a warm sense of what life was like when you were young, innocent and optimistic about life. All the Disney movies do that for me- and I remember so much of the dialogue and especially the music. Just a small snippet of the intro to a song and I already have the entire thing in my head. I guess what I want to say is, Thank you Disney.

Below is a video of the Top 20 Disney movies of all time- as voted by the public...


Finally- Here is a video of 275 Clips of Disney movies in five minutes- awesome!

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