Jun 22, 2010

J Brazil performs live at M2

Check out the pics above, and then watch the entire performance (as shot by me, you're welcome) below...
So proud! J Brazil performed live at M2 in NYC and he absolutely killed it! As you can see, it was a full house! I heard there were about 3000 people there!
There are a few disclaimers about the video:
1) I shot it myself
2) I shot it myself on a new camera that has many functions I was unaware of
3) I learned that using the zoom function while recording causes the sound the cut out
4) Yes, that is a dancing girl dressed in a christmas bikini
5) Go watch the official music video on youtube (search 'girl i'm tryin' or look at my archives) and go buy the song on iTunes... then wait for it, because you will be seeing a lot more of this guy :)

Enjoy the video and give J some love on youtube/iTunes

Happy Holidays

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