Nov 19, 2009

Tila 'scares the crap outta me' Tequila

Yikes- this girl is very disturbed...and entertaining at the same time. It's like watching a train wreck, but with glitter.

Tila went on Ustream in the wee hours of the morning and ranted and raved about many many things- She taunted Shawn Merriman saying he was stalking her on her chat and that she didn't want to talk to him because he choked her and beat her up. She also pulled out a gun (yes, a gun- no clue if it's real or not) and claimed she'd cap anyone in the *ss who told her to hurry up and strip... apparently on her live chats she strips, and she was getting very irate that people were telling her to stop talking and hurry up and strip (Seriously, it was hilarious).

Well, can't guaranty your IQ will not suffer from watching this video, so you have been warned....

As you can see, she finally woke up and realized she actually posted that video online and now it is private. Oh well- someone will rip it o youtube soon enough

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