Nov 30, 2009

Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood Infecting your Brain

I am officially obsessed with this girl- she does these amazing videos and her songs are quirky but immediately addictive.   Her latest video is called "Hollywood Infecting Your Brain" and I love it.   Absolutely adore it.   She looks amazing in red lipstick too- totally different from the way I first saw her- check out the Hollywood video first-

Ok, now that you love her- watch this phenomenal video called "I Am Not A Robot".

Before you judge- watch it again.

I KNOW!!!!

It is mind blowing.   This video first came into my life about 6 months ago and I watched it over and over again- I love the way she looks with the black sparkly painty dust all over her- and her natural look with the touseled hair OMG - and I like the bejewelled look too.   Just about the only one I didn't love was the black/green/pink paint thing but even then, she uses her hands so gracefully and it was all just enchanting.

I look forward to whatever else she puts out- there are a lot of videos available on Youtube- just go to her page

You can also read all about her on Wikipedia -

and if you go to her actual website you can download a few of her songs too-

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