Nov 19, 2009

Linni Meister... and her best assets...

There are no words.

Ok wait, I thought of some words.
This video is not new, I saw it a while ago and it cracked me up even then. This girl is serious. She 'sings' and does covers and is a Swedish popstar. Yes, the secret popstar within me is jealous- until I listen to the lyrics of the above video and then I start laughing all over again. Then I forward to the part where they use a buffer on her -ahem- assets. Hilarity ensues. If nothing else, I hope this put a smile on your face.
Warning- the next video, while also hilarious (Do you think Beyonce wanted to empower women with the song "Survivor" by getting them to body paint a snake over their boobs and sing at a pitch only dogs could appreciate????)is awful. She sings in a monotone- WHO DOES THAT??? And what color is her fake tan- copper????

I warned you!
And yeah, still laughing...

And for my next Linni Meister exhibit- I give you her version of (Wait for it)
"Do They Know It's Christmas". This video shows a softer, well lit side, singing a holiday classic...

Now I just want to party with her.
In slow motion.
With a strobe light.
And a group of blond backup singers of questionable genders.

To add to the confusion- the next video I found, well...

Yup. Chick is pregnant. Authorities have allowed her to procreate. Do you think the baby will come out singing like it's mama???? Who told her to wear that bathing suit and why did the interview have to be on a boat? So many questions.
(I am still laughing- the kind of laughter that leads to crying).

So, I did my homework and found her blog (in Swedish, which is of no help) but there are pics of a baby on it, so I have to assume she already had the kid...and then I found out there's a video of the kid being made, but that's all I'm gonna say about it :)
Go watch the first video again, and have a nice day!

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