Nov 18, 2009

Leighton Meester and ROBIN THICKE "Somebody to Love"

I love this video.
Not because I'm all caught up the the randomness that is Leighton Meester (Seriously- she is so annoyingly smug on Gossip Girl, yet somehow I keep watching everything she does...I don't get it). HOWEVER, this video is great. Leighton is basically doing a Vogue photo shoot the entire time- the styling is great and very fun, and the jewelery is fabulous. I adore her black outfit in the back of the taxi- in fact, I want it. No wait, I want to film that sequence myself. Here's why- ROBIN THICKE.
He is so wonderfully yummy in this video- his voice, his facial expressions... the entire package. I have watched it about five times now, in a row, and each time I notice something else about him I like. Really, it just looks like he is having a blast- he is having fun in every shot! Pretty great collaboration. I wish I had been in on it :)

There are a few interesting shots- there's one where Leighton is wearing this poofy skirt and sort of crawling on the is unclear why. There is also an impossibly awkward pose in the taxi (at 2:03)where her leg is up behind her and looks very uncomfortable, yet chic- the surest sign that something is the height of fashion.

The funniest thing about this video to me, is that this blog I read all the time totally trashed it! I usually agree with the Go Fug Yourself girls on almost everything- but for some reason this video simply does not appeal to them. And for some reason THAT is freaking hilarious to me.

This is what they wrote:
As we've written before, I don't quite follow why every young actress who tastes a modicum of success has to decide she must release an album. Especially when AHEM LEIGHTON her voice is a lot more Heidi Montag than Leona Lewis. If Leighton secretly packed some major pipes, it would be one thing, but this song is basically being performed by a computer. It could be Matthew Broderick and the home PC he uses in War Games crooning a tender love ballad about Global Thermonuclear War and Tic-Tac-Toe and modems where you had to hang up your actual home phone on a special hook, and I would not know the difference.

And she looks SO TRASHY. Maybe Leighton is trying to rebel against the Blair Waldorf image, but girl, you are the best actor on that show -- don't push too hard, or else we might not be able to see you as Blair any more, because you've instead seared on our brains the image of you looking like you're in a sales video for mail-order brides. Tread carefully, pet. Also, be warned: Solange is a former Fug Madness top seed. And not in that semi-complimentary SWINTON kind of way.

You can read their entire post here-

I stand by it- I love the song, the video is fun and Robin Thicke is wonderful :)

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