Nov 28, 2009

Lady Gaga on The Ellen Show

So by now you know I am a huge Gaga fan- I secretly wish I had the cojones to wear no pants, little leotards and anime eyes...among her many fashion quirks.   Don't even get me started on the shoes...
I have three clips from her appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show on November 27th- she performed her new single 'Speechless' off her upcoming album 'The Fame Monster'.

I don't hate it- it's a little dry for my tastes and for what I've come to expect from her, however, if you watch the interview she reveals that she wrote the song for her Dad to convince him to get heart surgery, so really, what is there to dislike here???   She performed it much more dramatically with a burning piano and smashing vodka bottles at the AMA's a week ago.   Having said that, it's pretty and I know she'll find a million and one ways to remix it and make each live performance original- but I do not like her outfit.   Usually I am all gung ho about her eccentric makeup and kooky hair- honestly her hair looks tired (maybe too much bleaching and styling?) and I am not enamored with the silver eye petals (not sure how else to refer to them) because when she looks up, you can really only see the whites of her eyes, which is a little jarring.

She also performed my current favorite 'Bad Romance' which was good as usual but only because it's such a fantastic song- the actual performance was a bit meh for me...but Ellen made it very cute at the very last second by running in and posing with the dancers :)
Still not loving the outfit though...I'm hoping it looked a lot more fabulous in person and just did not translate well on camera.

I also included the actual interview she did with which she came across as sweet and personable.   I loved the outfit montage Ellen put together too!

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