Oct 17, 2008

Christian Audigier Fashion Show 10.16.08

Erm, ok, I was at this show last night and while it was fun to watch, it seemed a little bit like one of those entertainment bits they perform at awards shows- lots of little kids and teens dancing in bright candy colors to the top pop songs of the moment. Christian's clothing is very fun, I give him that- my eye kept wandering to a pare of leopard leggings. I KNOW! And the part of me that wanted to try them on just to see IF I could pull them off is hiding in a corner, blushing with embarrassment.

The dancing kiddies were darn cute though- tiny tots bopping away to Rihanna and Britney tunes- very well choreographed.

Here's the funny part- I know I was at a fashion show, but do you know that until I read this article from Perez Hilton: http://perezhilton.com/2008-10-17-still-think-they-arent-boning I was COMPLETELY unaware that there were any celebrities in attendance!?!?!
Apparently notonly was Miley Cyrus there, her 20 year old boyfriend was in the show! Hence the picture below:

Also there was Heidi Klum, but there are no pictures up online yet :)

I am dead serious. You couldn't see them at all, so it was with a slight giggle that I read this post and realized I totally missed the real show!

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