Oct 16, 2008

Britney Spears 'Womanizer' Video

It's here y'all! The long awaited video from Britney's sure to be amazing new album 'Circus' due later this year has hit us- and does not disappoint!

Start out with a scandalously naked Britney writhing in a sauna, cut to a saucy office vixen in a black short wig, pause for a minute on the devilishly delectable redheaded waitress with tattoos- her transformations are amazing, but at the core of her awesomeness, one fact remains-

Watch and enjoy:

Here's the blog where I got most of the pics, along with more explanation of the video:

Prediction- next year's VMA's are going to totally be about Britney- not to mention the Grammy's!!! She's ba-ack!

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