Sep 24, 2008


I have stumbled onto the most fascinating nugget of a show- really, it is the best of everything. It's produced by the same guy who brought us 'Lost', and if 'Bones' and 'X-Files' had a threesome with 'House' and had a baby this show would be it.

Joshua Jackson (Pacey from Dawson's Creek!) plays Peter Bishop, a mysteriously rogue character who has to come back to the US from some Middle Eastern country to spring his brilliant and insane father (more on him in a moment) from the loony bin so that he can help Agent Olivia Dunham (played by the newbie Anna Torv) solve a mysterious bio-technological illness that has afflicted her partner...

Anna Torv is an Australian actress who is apparently a big-ish deal down under but just cutting her teeth with audiences here in the US. She does a great job being both professional (she does play an FBI agent) but draw our sympathy as well. Her partner- the delicious Mark Valley as Agent John Scott (whom I adore and love from Boston Legal- Captain America anyone?) dies in the first episode, after Olivia saves him with the help of Peter Bishop's deranged mad scientist father. Turns out Agent Scott has been selling secrets to someone... and has betrayed Olivia both in their personal life and business one as well.

Now, stay with me here- it gets good- Peter Bishop's father is one Dr. Walter Bishop, played by the extremely talented John Noble. (I only recognize him from Lord of the Rings, but he is good). Walter Bishop has been institutionalized for practicing unethical science experiments, sometimes on people, but his genius is the only thing that can help save Agent Scott, so Olivia gets him released into Peter Bishop's custody. This character is hilarious- he has the air of a well respected doctor and casually dismisses lesser thoughts and ideas by simply failing to acknowledge them, but is also somehow lovable when he forgets things and is baffled by a simple cell phone (hello, he's been institutionalized for years!). I think he is the breakout star, next to Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv.

Another recognizable albeit mysterious character is Lance Reddick (of Lost fame among other things) playing Agent Phillip Broyles. Not sure what his story is yet but he is involved in a big way...

I don't want to give away too much of the plot- I've only basically covered some of the first episode, but I am up to episode three and I highly recommend anyone who enjoys 'House', 'Bones', 'CSI' (any city)... will come to love this show as much as I have. There are a few particular notes for you to pay attention to- the first is listen to the music. It has the same feeling as the music from 'Lost' and I keep expecting to hear that creepy violin followed by silence...
Second, they have a cute gimmick of labelling important buildings and locations (show takes place in Boston). For example, when they go to Harvard to use the Dr.'s old lab, it says "Harvard University" in big letters over the building- check it out, kinda cool.

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