Sep 24, 2008

90210 2.0

I have an admission to make- I didn't watch the original 90210!
I know, I know- but hey, I didn't grow up with a tv! I am making up for that oversight now though... I watched all of seasons 1,2 and 3 before the new show aired and while I know I missed out of how everyone ended up, I really don't feel as though I missed that much. When the full series dvd comes out, I'll catch up then.

So, on to the second generation!
I actually like this show, just because I like seeing the perception of what 'rich' 'popular' and 'Beverly Hills' is. I believe the first episode was by far the best, and that the subsequent episodes don't pack the same punch, but for now I am watching...

Check it out for yourself-

The Cast:
Shenae Grimes plays Annie Wilson (the Brenda-esq naive Kansas transplant) who rumor has it is an absolute monster on set, but don't take my word for it, I read that on Perez Hilton! She looks cute enough, although so far we've seen her like a guy, lose the guy, like another guy, go back to guy one, lose guy two, lose guy one and go back to guy two, only to decide to sleep with guy two and then get tricked into thinking he's playing her... I know, original! I actually think she looks a bit like Julia Roberts- or her niece, Emma Roberts! Look at this picture and disagree!

My favorite character so far is turning out to be Jessica Stroup- aka Silver (she is actually Kelly Taylor's baby sister, an original character all grown up!). I loved her in 'Reaper' (another CW show) and just recently saw her on the first episode of 'True Blood'. I think she is really hot actually, and her character is quirky with enough mean to be funny and a lot of charisma.

The most obviously sultry star is AnnaLynne McCord (previously sexing it up fabulously on Nip/Tuck). This pseudo bad girl knows how to rock it, and she is definitely hot- but every time she cries- which seems to have happened a lot in the last two episodes- I cringe because I figured out her nasty secret- She is an UGLY crier! Don't get me wrong- she can do lazy sex eyes with the best of them, but they need to rewrite her role so that she never sheds a single tear- EVER!

As for the boys, well the casting directors have not let us down- plenty of manfabulousness to drool over while the drama swirls around them-
the obvious Brandon replacement is Dustin Milligan (he actually resembles Jason Priestly a little bit at certain angles) and he is a cute but somewhat dumb jock-ish typecast. Hopefully they flesh out his part a bit more, than just being the hot guy Naomi and Annie both like... Brenda and Kelly deja vu anyone?

The hottest guy so far though is Adam Gregory (the II according to Playing the richly fabulous Ty Collins he is scrumptious to look at with a screen brightening grin. Yummy.

Is it absolutely awful that although I love how cute Jennie Garth is reprising her role as Kelly Taylor, with a splash of Shannon Dougherty as Brenda, I don't actually have much to say about them appearing in the show? Maybe as their storylines kick in I'll notice a bit more... maybe Luke Perry will honor us with his presence... maybe Tori Spelling will pop in and surprise us too... maybe not.

I hope this show can carry itself on more than just being the next generation of 90210, it would be a shame for it to fizzle out. Here's hoping!

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