May 25, 2008

'What Happens in Vegas' GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

You can (and should) watch the trailer here-
First let me say, a family member saw it last week and hated it- but I have no idea why! We went to see it tonight and it was great- I laughed and really enjoyed it. A lot of the critic's also panned it, but they did mention that the supporting characters were hilarious- and I agree.

Lake Bell plays Tipper, her best friend- and she is awesome! (The brunette in the pic)

She was also in Boston Legal, which is where I recognized her from- I hope we see her on the big screen again soon!

Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz (what a great casting!) both end up in Vegas after she gets dumped by her douchebag fiance as she is throwing him a surprise birthday party in front of all of their friends hiding in the closet and Ashton gets fired by his dad. The Vegas nightlife and debauchery ensues and she wakes up married!!! They have a confrontation downstairs in the casino and then he takes the quarter she left by the slot machine she was playing and uses it- and wins the $3,000,000 JACKPOT!!!

Of course, as he is handed the giant winning check, she walks up, holds out her ring finger (with the classy gold dice wedding ring) and says 'What's mine is yours, baby!"

They end up in front of a judge (played by the funny Dennis Miller) who freezes the money, orders them into marital counseling once a week for six months and ads that they must try to make the marriage work. Queen Latifah is the therapist (random but pleasant surprise).

There is a scene where Cameron is in the bathroom and taking too long, so he goes in the sink- and then reminds her it is her day to wash the dishes! They also have a scene where he sabotages her from making it to counseling by first prank calling her and telling her it has been rescheduled, and then stealing her wallet so she literally runs down the street after him, pelting him with oranges and they both show up for the session sweaty and panting.

Probably my favorite line is when Ashton's best friend, played by Rob Corddry (who also happens to be his lawyer) yells out 'Hey, I won my first case! I'm a lawyer!!!' and you realize just how bad a lawyer he must be since this is his first win ever! This friend also uses the line 'Go tell your future ex ex wife how you feel' and when you see the line being said in context you will get how absolutely hysterical it actually is.

The rest of the movie is so funny, and completely worth the money. I am actually tempted to go see it again, just so I can enjoy the story again!