May 15, 2008

Ugly Betty

Last week, Charlie had the baby and Henry and Betty agreed that a clean break would be best.
Today's episode starts with Betty bawling her eyes out in bed over Henry leaving...
and then cuts to her at work where the Meade's are in panic mode trying to figure out what to do about the baby Wilhelmina is making Christina carry for her, which Wilhelmina claims is Bradford's...making a third of Mode hers to control!
Since they have no other option, Wilhelmina comes back to Mode

Her first order of business is to crash the Mode meeting and rub it in everyone's faces.
She starts by shooting down Daniel's ideas for the next issue and completely psyches him out.
While Daniel is in the bathroom recovering, Wilhelmina pitches a totally different idea to Alexis!

Larry King makes a random cameo, interviewing Daniel about Mode and what the deal is between him and Wilhelmina- and then Mark calls in disguised as a female and totally trashes Daniel.

(Why is Larry King on Ugly Betty? I want his publicist too!)

Wilhelmina talks to Claire about how to make her magazine better (she tells her to give away advertising for free to land one big client so she can get other clients to buy ads in her new magazine too).

Claire and Daniel find out that Alexis reinstates Wilhelmina as creative director at Mode.
Daniel goes to confront her and she basically tells him too bad, she's back, deal with it.

Claire Meade asks Betty to write a 300 word article for her 'Hot Flash' magazine by tomorrow.

When Betty goes down to Gio's to order lunch for the office, he tells her she is using him as the rebound guy and he reaches and kisses her! Betty pulls away, slaps him, and runs out.
She goes back upstairs and tries to work on her article, but gets an email with a pic of her kidding Gio- and someone emailed it to the entire office!!!
Betty confronts Amanda and Mark (they obviously sent it around the whole office) and they refuse to send a retraction email.

Amanda has a new reality show called 'Daddy's Little Girl' that stars her and Gene Simmons! Mark wants to be her sidekick on the show, but Amanda tells him he can't because he's not TV cute.
Mark visits Amanda at the set of her new show and Amanda tells her Gene hates the gays, that's why he can't be on the show- so Mark goes up to Gene to set him straight and Gene invites him to be on the show...

Amanda tries to talk to Gene after they shoot a scene, and Mark comes over to her and comments that Gene wasn't so nice to her once the camera's stopped rolling, and of course Amanda gets upset at Mark.
But when Amanda goes to Gene crying, and tries to talk to him about it, he beckons for a camera so he can film her crying- and as he turns away, she sees that his tweety bird tatoo is fake!!!
(WHAT? No, I liked that plotline, now she's going to have to find her real father all over again!)
Amanda goes to apologize to Mark (and he hits her with a few zingers) then she admits that it was all a publicity stunt that Gene created... even the being her dad part.

(YAY- Mark and Amanda are back together- all is right in the world!)

Hilda stops by Justin's gym class to hit on the hot coach Tony... and ends up getting asked to chaperone a school dance (that Justin refuses to go to).
In the end Justin goes- dressed like Danny Zucko from Grease- with Betty so she can get quotes for her article. Hilda can't go because she is sick.
Of course, Betty runs into Gio at the dance. She freaks out a little and blames him for kissing her first and they start to fight about who kissed whom.

Hilda calls Justin and asks him to tell her what Coach Tony is doing...

Betty goes up to Gio later and asks him for help with her article (she's not making much headway interviewing the kids at the dance).
After helping her, Gio asks her to dance, and also gets Justin to dance with the very Betty-esque lonely little girl that Betty is talking sweet.
But Betty catches herself and runs away from the dance after Gio twirls her and they catch each others gaze. (Why doesn't she ever let herself be happy?)
Gio, of course, goes out after her and talks to her.
He helps her break into the school trophy case so she can get her one award that she won when she was in school. (For being a good citizen). As they take it, the shelf breaks and the principal catches her- and calls Betty a bad citizen- ouch!

Justin tells Tony about his mom calling to check up on him- and Tony goes over to see Hilda with soup. (Cue the 'awwwww').

After he gives her the soup, he asks if they can go out sometimes, after she is feeling better! Yay, way to go Hilda!

As Betty, Gio, Justin and Gio's little sister walk home from the dance, they talk about what happened with the principal. Betty thanks Gio for his help (they sent the kids home ahead) and she asks him if he would go out on a date with her ever- but Gio says he doesn't think it's a good idea. When Betty tells him she's confused, he explains that he doesn't want to be the rebound guy, he wants to be THE GUY. (Cue another 'awwwwww').

Keep watching cuz next week, the season finale stars two very special guests- Miss Lindsay Lohan and Naomi Campbell! (If you are just finding this out now you seriously need to read more blogs- it has been out there for weeks now!)

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