May 9, 2008

Ugly Betty

I love how Ugly Betty seems to be cramming in more story per episode, like the producers are trying to make up for the time they were off air during the strike...
Charlie is making Betty's life miserable, always appearing during her dates with Henry and interrupting their time together. She finally is able to get a lunch date with Henry, and Charlie manages to get that cancelled too. Instead of fighting, Betty goes to the yoga class to make nice with Charlie, and be her friend instead of fighting. Charlie bickers with Betty through the class, so the teacher throws them out... and Charlie says how mad she is that she is missing her baby shower in Tucson, and Betty happily jumps all over it and decides to throw one for Charlie herself. Betty ends up flying in tamales from Tucson so Charlie can eat them at the shower! Amanda (wearing the cutest mirror dress) finagles and invite to the party for some random reason. Betty is spending a lot of time planning this baby shower... it's starting to get to her... she bumps into Mrs. Meade in the hallway and they talk about how Betty is planning this baby shower for the pregnant ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend who is leaving her to raise the baby! Betty realizes what a nutso situation she is in and tries to figure out how to tell Henry they need to wake up and end it. As she is trying to talk to Hilda about what to say, Henry shows up at the door and tells Betty they need to stay together forever! Henry has a friend who works in the airline industry, and they can fly back and forth every weekend and keep their relationship going... (Awww, so sweet)... just in time for the baby shower to start! Charlie shows up at the door and is obviously miffed to see Henry there. Charlie acts kinda bitchy during the whole shower- she criticizes the pinata and complains that the food isn't fresh enough. Amanda shows up in a little black dress and claims she is going to have to leave but she might be able to stay for a few minutes- and then asks why everyone is so fat at the party! (It's all pregnant chicks!)

More about the shower in a minute, but meanwhile a lot of other things are going on:

Justin (yay, they gave him some lines!) is in trouble because his gym coach is failing him, so Hilda wants to meet with him... and boy is she happy to see how cute the gm teacher is- played by Eddie Cibrian (yum!).
The next day Justin tells his mom to back off because the coach gave him detention in gym after Hilda yelled at him. Hilda invites Coach Diaz over to give him a haircut to try to patch things up for Justin... but she is so busy flirting with him she accidentally cuts his ear!!! Oops! She talks to Betty about how she has a tiny crush on Coach Diaz and decides she needs to go over and apologize to him.
Hilda apologizes to Coach Diaz and they agree that Justin can pass if he helps choreograph some cheer leading routines.

Wilhelmina and Mark are hilariously planning a press conference to reveal that Christina is carrying Bradford Meade's baby (for Wilhelmina of course). Christina gets a clean bill of health from the doctor, and after Wilhelmina hears that everything is good, she finds out from the doctor that the baby is a 'Meade/Slater' baby... so she obviously didn't know whose baby Wilhelmina made her carry! When Wilhelmina and Mark come back into the room looking for her, Christina is gone! (And now they know she knows its Bradford's baby).
Wilhelmina and Mark go into panic mode trying to find Christina.
(Christina is at her husband's apartment, crying and asking him what she should do now that she knows the plan). Stuart, her husband, convinces Christina that instead of hiding from Wilhelmina, they should ask her for more money... when Christina wakes up, she sees Wilhelmina and Mark in the kitchen talking to Stuart- and walks out without agreeing to anything.
Daniel shows up for a meeting at Mode, only to find out that the photographer cancelled because 'an employee at Mode slept with her and never called back'... ahem, Daniel...but Betty saves the day and gets the photographer to re-schedule and come in after all. She also tells Daniel he should see a therapist, maybe he is having issues because of Renee, so Betty sets up an appointment for Daniel to meet with a therapist. The therapist is a hottie, and she kicks Daniel out of her office after he flirts with her and says he can come back when he is ready to talk seriously. He comes back and discusses why he likes flirting with the new therapist, and women in general. The next thing they know, Daniel and the therapist get up from the couch, putting back on their clothes! She throws him out, saying she needs to call her shrink!

Back to the shower- randomly, Daniel shows up in the middle of Charlie's baby shower to ask Betty for money... he woke up some where in Queens after a crazy night out after the fiasco with the therapist...and at the same time Christina shows up to ask Betty for help with Wilhelmina. Daniel goes out with Betty's dad to get some more groceries for the party, and while they are out together, they talk about how to make Daniel feel a little better. The tamales arrive from Charlie's favorite place in Tucson- and Charlie hates them immediately. Betty gets mad that it all isn't good enough for Charlie and confronts her on it, and then... woosh... Charlie's water breaks!!!

She starts having contractions (with hilarious commentary from the ever oblivious Amanda). Charlie's contractions are getting worse and Betty has to get her in a cab and to the birthing center, but instead Charlie says she wants the drugs (no natural childbirth after all) and Betty calls 911...the ambulance is taking a long time and Henry isn't there yet so Betty has to care for Charlie. Charlie asks Betty to hold her hand and while she has her in her grip, Charlie makes Betty admit why she threw the shower for her and admits that it was too hard to watch Henry fall in love with Charlie and that's why she cheated (kind of a weak argument). Then the ambulance arrives.
They tell Charlie she has to do it naturally and they can't even move her because she is too far along with the delivery. Henry finally gets there, to take over. Betty is in the kitchen when the baby comes- a boy- and Henry comes in to tell her. As she watches Henry hold his new son and smile at Charlie, Betty starts crying...

Christina goes to see Wilhelmina and shows her the video of the sonogram and makes her promise to always care for this baby and make sure it is never left wanting for anything.

Daniel goes to a meeting with Alexis and his mother and starts giving input about the magazine layout. He says he realized he is always looking for meaning in his life everywhere except right there, that he loves his job and is good at it.
As they are standing in the conference room, the video of the sonogram comes on the screen and Wilhelmina walks out and tells them she is having Bradford's baby and wants a third of the Meade empire to take care of it.

Hold on to your seats, next weeks episode should be a doozy!

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