May 1, 2008

Ugly Betty

I finally had a chance to watch the new episode of Ugly Betty from last week- just in time to watch this weeks new episode on TV!

So fun! The show made a great post-strike comeback starting with Betty's birthday, and all the major drama that came with it. First she was supposed to have a weekend away with Henry, but then pregnant Charlie showed up and spoiled it, so Betty re-planned it so she and Henry could have a romantic weekend out in Manhattan... but Charlie prevented that from happening too, and poor Betty spent the evening at the fancy restaurant waiting for Henry to show... only to be rescued by Geo with a horse and carriage!

But last week's episode had nothing on the commotion that went down this week- first, Rene (Gabrielle Union) went all crazy on Betty, accusing her of trying to get with Daniel. This was, of course, Wilhemina's fault because she had Mark switch Rene's meds for diet pills- so literally, Rene went crazy.

The insanity peaked when Rene traps Betty in Daniel's apartment, surrounding by hundreds and hundreds of candles- which naturally escalated into a fire and the funniest line- Betty turns to Daniel as he breaks down the door, fire extinguisher in hand and her hair singed and smoking and says "You don't pay me enough'.

This all would have made for an exciting enough episode, but then Christian Siriano and Nina Garcia (made famous by Project Runway) guest star in a special meeting with Alexis and Daniel. It really had nothing to do with all the rest of the episode but since Mode is a fashion magazine and all, it was nice to see this nod to fashion. Christian was great, and he definitely has a tv personality, so I hope we see him again.

Christina is still at Wilhemina's apartment, eavesdropping and pregnant (actually, I can't remember if she is actually pregnant or still trying) and Amanda is hilarious, as always, wearing KISS t-shirts and reminding everyone that yes, Gene Simmons is her father...

My only complaint is that Justin, my favorite character, has had a very small role in the past two episodes- I hope he gets more in the coming weeks, he is awesome!

I have missed this show- welcome back!

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