May 4, 2008

Iron Man

I caught an afternoon showing of the new movie 'Iron Man' starring the very random (and missed) Robert Downey Jr., as Tony Stark/Iron Man, with Gwyneth Paltrow as his assistant Pepper Potts and Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges and Jon Favreau.
Go watch the trailer here -

Few thoughts- Jeff Bridges is a weird guy to cast as a bad guy. The beard he sports in this one just doesn't do it for me, I kept expecting to see him in overalls shoveling hay or whatever it is that farmers do.
Jon Favreau directs, and also cast himself as Tony's driver- which is cute, but if you have no idea who Jon is (e.g. never saw 'Very Bad Things') then this means nothing to you.
Gwyneth...hmmm... she looks flawless, and this character is perfect for her- but I was a bit surprised- usually established movie stars don't play the 'sidekick/assistant' role in superhero movies- isn't that usually left to bubbly young bright things making their first big blockbuster? Regardless, she looks great in it.
Another random casting is Terrence Howard- I mean, he is cute to look at, but it feels very random that he is the US Air Force guy who is Tony's best friend... can't really explain it better than that.

Robert Downey Jr., is, however, fabulous! And the chemistry between him and Paltrow is great, so I approve- plus, I cannot remember the last thing I saw him in, and it was nice to see him on the big screen again.

Now, the movie- WOW!
Go see it!
It's a bit long (after two hours anyone's rear end will get pins and needles- mine did) but so well done. I have two complaints, and they are pretty random- the first is that I felt that a guy as rich as Tony Stark would definitely be driving something wayyyy cooler than the Audi R8. (Since I was watching, I noticed that Pepper's car was also an Audi, plus two others, so obviously they bought airtime...I get it, but still). He should have been driving a Bugatti- or even cooler, they should have made him a Bugatti Roadster! (You read it here first). Plus, in the garage it looks like among other cars he has a Tesla parked there, so it would have been cool to see him driving that- even if in reality there is only one car in the world right now and the Tesla CEO is driving it...
Second, when Tony is told that his shareholder's have filed an injunction against him to bar him from making company decisions it occurred to me that again, a guy as rich as he is should not have a public company anyway- why bother? Just buy out all the shareholder's and do as you please...
But then there really would have been no story, so...
Very well done- my favorite part was the robot nicknamed 'Butterfingers' who was a little trigger happy with the fire extinguisher, seriously, I was giggling...
Also, when Tony was building the robot shell, the 'technology' where he has a 3d image and can fit his hand in the sleeve and make changes was pretty cool.

Hope this movie continues to do well, I walked out feeling good and like it was $5 well spent (it's cheaper here on a Sunday afternoon, what can I say)

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