May 20, 2008

Desperate Housewives -Season Finale (Spoiler Alert!)

Do not read this if you haven't watched the season finale yet (available on

In a 2 part season finale, Marc Cherry finally delivers some of the spice we were so transfixed by when the show first aired (admit it, it has been a little stale lately).
Anyway, there are a million blogs all outlining the plot and the twists and turns this finale takes- and there are many twists and turns to follow!

You can read the spoilers here: Episode 4.16 “The Gun Song” Season Finale Part 1
and I pasted it all here and corrected some of the errors in case you are to lazy to click to the site:
(I edited some of it because it was written 4/28/08 and some of it was wrong)
After four years away, Reverend Michael Green returns to Fairview. Orson learns that the Reverend wants to talk about sexual promiscuity as a “red-headed harlot” needs to be unmasked. Since he thinks Green is referring to Bree (he actually is), Orson confronts him. Roy, a detective, places various listening devices here and there in the Solises’ house in order to gather evidence against Ellie. Gaby admits to Roy that she has become friends with Ellie. While making breakfast, Children’s Service drop by to tell Lynette that they’ve received word that she may hit her daughter. Later, Lynette is arrested and her step-daughter leaves to go with her maternal grandparents. Susan gives birth to a son and tries to have his name change after Mike names him “Maynard.” She tries to bribe a nurse to change the name to Connor but, in the end, Mike will still have to sign a new birth certificate. Source:
The ladies of Wisteria Lane meet Susan and Mike’s new baby, Gaby forms a strong bond with their new tenant, Ellie, and Lynette is accused of child abuse. Source:

Episode 4.17 “Free” Season Final Part 2
Adam is injured and when a driver passing by asks him if he’s okay and what happened to him, Adam says: “Wayne Davis.” Then, Adam pulls the driver out of his car and drives away. Police officers are at Katherine’s house. She is sitting in her living room, unresponsive. There will be flashbacks of a younger Katherine when she and Wayne were still married. One will feature Katherine at the Mount Pleasant Police Station admitting to a policewoman that her husband has been hitting her and promising each time that he’ll stop. It’s not the first time Katherine goes to the police. The policewoman warns Katherine that since Wayne is a fellow patrolman, it’s likely that the paperwork about Wayne’s abuse will be lost again since he has a lot of friends at the station. She suggests to Katherine that she gets all the money she can and that she runs away with her daughter.

Back to my own thoughts now- the episode is great- full of drama and shooting and fighting. The crazy part is at the end- it seems to jump ahead to the future and you see Gabby rush into her bedroom and yelling at a little girl who is smeared in makeup- and then as Gabby yells that at least she didn't touch her dresses, another little girl runs out of the closet as Gabby yells, 'My Vera Wang!'

Bree's flashback consists of her being a Martha Stewart type with Andrew acting as her publicist/manager and Orson upstairs waiting for her in a bubble bath (where is Danielle and her son?)

The craziest flash forward is Susan- she kisses a man goodnight, and as he turn his head- it's not Mike!!!

Good one Marc Cherry- now everyone who has ever watched an episode will tune in to see why Susan and Mike aren't together when the season airs next fall!!!

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