May 5, 2008

The Bachelor (Women Tell All Episode)

This episode is usually my favorite of the entire season, mostly because you get to see the women's true colors, after they have been rejected- and it can get pretty nasty!
I know, I know, it's just a way to stretch out the season and get more viewers for the finale... but it's sometimes so hilarious too.

Amanda was (shockingly) let go last week, so I am certain she will have a lot to say on this episode. The other loudmouths (Marshanna, Robin) will also probably make their displeasure at being let go known loud and clear...

Of course the first thing that Chris brings up is Stacey and her 'gift' to Matt- her panties on the first night!
It's obvious that she was very drunk that night- and when asked to explain it, she says she is very embarrassed and that isn't her true character, and goes on to say she only did it because she really wanted Matt to remember her (too bad it backfired, she would have been hilarious to watch during the following weeks).

Robin is the first one asked to join Chris in the 'hot seat' and he digs right in and asks her why she doesn't seem to get along with women. (She really annoys me, but I get what her strategy was). She didn't actually have much to say after that...

In the hot seat next, Marshanna.

Whew- from the clips it seems like all she did the whole season was pick fights and get in the other girls faces! She actually tells Robin on the stage that 'she is dismissed' after she doesn't like what Robin says to her... yikes.
I still truly dislike her harsh personality...

Amanda is up now, talking to Chris.
She makes a very valid point- Matt never voiced any concerns with her, the way he did with Shayne and Chelsea, and when she says how she thought he was pranking her when he didn't call her name, it's funny but kind of sad- she really believed he was going to marry her!

The funniest thing is the 'meep' montage- how she gets chronic hiccups whenever she gets nervous!
Matt comes out and gives Amanda a chance to talk to him, but nothing else really gets clarified. Marshanna surprises me by saying she 'felt really good leaving, knowing that great girls like Noelle and Amanda were still there'...caught me off guard.

The final word goes to Stacey, who brings out a pair of pink striped granny panties and gives them to Matt- funny comeback!
The 'funny clips' montage is cute, but I feel like they really only showed things that we've seen before.
Matt ends it by saying he is engage, and that he couldn't be happier and is looking forward to the future (I bet Shayne, just a feeling).
Not that I don't like Chelsea-
Just, I think Matt likes the idea of Shayne's random life and who she is...

(During the break they promo-ed the next season- The Bachelorette starring the very jilted Deanna DePappas, the girl Brad Womack didn't choose, after he didn't choose the other girl either!)


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