May 14, 2008

America's Next Top Model (Season Finale)

Unfortunately for me, someone on facebook posted that they were sad Anya didn't win, so it was spoiled for me, but it's airing now in California and I have to see how it all goes down...
I was 99% convinced Anya (pictured above) was going to win, but since I now know she didn't, it's obviously Fatima- there is no way Whitney should win, and if she does it's just because Tyra wanted a plus girl to finally win...
Whitney is the 'plus sized' blonde girl on the end below
Anyway, I am watching it and so far Anya is crying going into the challenge which makes me think she did badly and got cut before the final two!!! As soon as this commercial ends, I will know for sure.
I owe Whitney an apology- she actually looked really pretty in the commercial challenge and sounded natural- while Anya's accent really hindered her, even though she looked great. Fatima also totally mumbled all the lines together...
I take it back- Whitney's final commercial was stiff and awkward- but her beauty shot was pretty.
Fatima's commercial was pretty to look at, but she stumbled the lines- and her beauty shot was eh. Looked a little posed.
Anya's commercial would have been great if her accent wasn't so random- she looked so good though! (And all the judges loved it!) Her beauty shot was pretty, but looked a little flat.
I'm actually jealous- the final fashion show will be for VERSACE, with dresses handpicked by Donatella herself...
Paulina is being a little harsh I think, she said Anya looked dumb in her photo- when she meant that Anya looked like she was daydreaming...
Well, the final two are...
Anya and WHITNEY... seriously???
That means that WHITNEY WON???
I am flabbergasted! This show is officially no longer legitimately about modeling- the fat chic won?!?
I am so disappointed.
Well, the final photoshoot is for the Seventeen cover, shot by (the gorgeous) Nigel Barker.
And then the girls go to see where the final runway show will be...
(With last year's winner Saleisha headlining the show)
Anya looked great in her first dress...
Whitney's arms were too bouncy- actually, Whitney's EVRYTHING was too bouncy...
(Can I pause here to say how much I love Versace dresses? Seriously, if they are ever short models, call me!)
Whitney's second dress was awful though, too short in the front, and her heel kept catching.
Anya looked great, even though she looked a little nervous (it was a hard dress to walk in).
Seriously, I am really annoyed that Whitney won. Anya is a much better model.
I kinda feel like Anya got the short end of the stick so Tyra could let a 'plus' girl win...
(I know, I'm turning into a Whitney hater- but come on, she obviously wasn't as good!)
-I just noticed Paulina is wearing a tiara (wonder if Tyra minds?)
Yuck. I hate that Whitney won. I truly dislike her pepto bismol dress (sorry Donatella) and I can finally admit that I hate Miss Jay's weird glitter eyebrows and matching vest!
Whatever, I think I will wait for the next season to air on VH1 instead of planning to make time to watch it each week.

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