May 20, 2008

American Idol - I WAS THERE TONITE!!!

Today was awesome- I went to see the final 'sing off' between the two Davids at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, and it was absolutely fabulous!!!

I was in the front row (yes, no one was in front of me) second seat from the right- there was just one person sitting between me and the door all the Idols walked through to get to their seats!

They didn't allow cameras into the theater (I snuck my phone in, but only used it after the show was over- no sense getting chucked out halfway through the show!).

I shook hands with Clive Owen, David Hernandez, Jason Castro, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Brooke White, Michael Johns, Syesha, Ramielle and high fived Randy Jackson as they walked past me after the show!!!

Other celebs who were there: Mary Murphy (judge on So You Think You Can Dance), Justin Guarini (more about him later), Kimberly Caldwell and ALEX (you know, the hot but kinda douchy doctor from Grey's Anatomy)

Surprisingly, there were a lot of older people there, not just the tweeny girls clustered in the pit at the foot of the stage.

Shout out to my new friends- Sarah, Kelly, Amy and Jen- it was fun waiting in line with you- see you at Macaroni Grill one of these days!!!

Also, Ryan pointed out Jen's marriage proposal sign to Jason Castro- and he waved up at her (she was in the stands) let me know if that made it onto the West Coast version of the show- which airs in about ten minutes- so I will be watching too...
***Update*** I am on at 8:05 (far right of the audience)
and again at 8:08
and again at 8:14
and at 8:19
at 8:30 its a clear shot of me and the two blondes sitting next to me!!!

After the show, I saw Justin Guarini (who? oh, the curly haired guy who lost to Kelly Clarkson) standing outside the theater, checking stuff on his phone- and obviously waiting for fans to recognize him- because when they did, he happily posed for pics and signed stuff. After he left, Simon Cowell's Rolls Royce drove by slowly- and I caught a pic of a girl holding up a sign for him "Cowell makes me Howell"!!!

This is a pic of the Rolls Royce as it pulled away- I swear Simon is in it!

As for the singing- Archuletta stole the show- he won round 1 and 3, no question.

Cook sang 'Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' in the first round Archuletta's song was 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me' which was well done, Simon said Cook was 'Phenomenal' but that Archuletta won that round.

All in all though, Archuletta will probably win- he just seemed like he wanted it a lot more, and even teared up every time Simon praised him... no worries though Cook fans, I am sure we'll be seeing a lot of David Cook in the future!

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