Apr 11, 2008

Way to go Craig Ferguson!!!

This just in (courtesy of perezhilton.com) Craig Ferguson's late night show beat out Conan O'Brien! Finally!
Conan is ok, but sometimes he's a little manic and gets on my nerves... but I went to a Craig Ferguson taping last month and he is actually really really funny! I hope this means he will eventually be able to replace David Letterman (I know, I know, different networks but I can dream) and then beat out Conan again!!!

Here's the article Perez wrote below:
Bad news for NBC. Very bad!
As Conan O'Brien is set to replace Jay Leno on the Tonight Show next year……
Craig Ferguson, whose Late Late Show began in January 2005, finally managed to beat his competition for the first time in over three years.
This marks the first time Ferguson's show has gotten higher ratings than Conan's Late Night.
Ferguson's executive producer, Peter Lassally, stated that Ferguson's "getting looser and looser all the time and for the last few months it's clear that he's having such a good time that you can't resist it as a viewer."
That's great news for Ferguson, who's probably been having a great start of the year. Just two months ago, the Scottish Ferguson was officially sworn in as a US Citizen after passing his American citizenship test.
And now, later this month he will be hosting the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, D.C., which as you know, Perezzers will also be attending!
In response to Ferguson's ratings spike, NBC noted that O'Brien was still ahead with viewers aged 18-49, to which the network bases its advertising sales on. And with the younger half of the demographic, O'Brien gets more viewers than David Letterman.
We wouldn't know who's better to watch. We're usually passed out by the time both shows air!

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