Apr 28, 2008

Samantha Who

I missed this show- thankfully, they have started airing new episodes again... I still think Jean Smart (playing Samantha's mom) is the best character by far- she is just so funny. Christina Applegate does a great comedic job- reminds me of her character in 'The Sweetest Thing' which is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Anyway, I highly recommend going to http://www.abc.com/ and watching all of the previous episodes- they are pretty short but if you watch them all in a row it adds up to basically another movie... so I guess my rambling ends with if you like 'The Sweetest Thing' watch all these episodes back to back and enjoy!

Oh, and randomness Eliza Dushku AND Jerry O'Connell (yes, the one who married Rebecca Romjin) guest star this week!

Sorry, not my best post- waiting for The Bachelor to start already :)