Apr 6, 2008

Miss Guided

Miss Guided is a really enjoyable show. I watched it since the pilot and laughed and have started to look forward to each week's episodes.

Ashton Kutcher is involved (producer/creator not sure exactly and can't be bothered to find out) but he also gave himself a starring role a few episodes ago...

This week, he also gave his step-daughter Rumer Willis a part to play. Not that I'm jealous (I'm totally jealous) but how awesome is it that your step-dad is Ashton Kutcher? Think of all the free designer boxers she gets??? Not only that, but Demi Moore is her mom (no pressure there) so she HAS to be pretty one day... right?
You can watch a clip here:

Anyway, I actually thought she did a decent job of reciting her lines and playing a disturbed teen who keeps pulling the fire alarm. Although, to be fair, it's not such an acting stretch, but that's ok.

The real star of the show is Judy Greer (the blonde in the pic) who plays a guidance counselor in the actual high school she once attended- very smart concept because they can keep flashing back to her horrendous high school experiences!

Cute show, funny concepts- hope it keeps getting better!

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