Apr 1, 2008

How I Met Your Mother (The Bracket)

I sincerely love this show. Every week it makes me laugh, and never fails to incite giggles (usually over something Barney has said or done).

This week's episode, while (to borrow a Barney phrase) awesome, had a few low points.
Mostly, the ending.

The storyline had all the makings of another great episode- it was funny, good lines, cute plot- and then bam- the ending left you hanging! With nowhere to go!

So it was great to see more of the antics of Barney, but we still have no idea why some blond he may or may not have slept with is possibly ruining his life- and, the Ted/Marshall March Madness grand blackboard theft plot line totally flat lined after their team lost in the first ten minutes of the episode (making the plot line seem like cheap filler to an otherwise decent episode). Also, until I read other reviews of the episode, I completely missed the Doogie Houser reference (sorry, no tv as a kid- missed the series entirely).

There is one saving grace- visit http://www.tedmosbyisajerk.com/

Seriously, stop reading this and go visit it, I'll get my ad revenue some other way (I'm kidding, come back please- I like watching my visit counter go up)

It pains me to criticize this show- I truly adore it- but this was a sad follow up episode following last weeks HIGHEST EVER RATINGS EPISODE EVER!!! (Thank you Britney).

Here's hoping for next week...
Small side note- I stumbled across a great blog- this guy takes blogging fave tv shows to the next level- the detail and the commitment- wow- check it out:
He has a post in his comments that you should click on- but beware, it may give away who is actually the mother! (I haven't decided if I believe it yet or if they are just messing with us)http://www.zshare.net/audio/986927471c4dfe/

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