Apr 21, 2008

The Bachelor

Last week I forgot to choose my pics for who would go home in the Rose game- and I would have gotten a perfect score!!! Both Marshanna and Robin are history!!!

This week, the Bachelor gets to go to the homes of the four remaining girls-
Amanda, Chelsea, Shayne and Noelle.
I like them all, but Amanda was my favorite from the beginning.
Shayne has started to grow on me- she is totally wrong for him but she's really funny and adorable in her own way. I hope they are the final two...

Up first- Shayne and Lorenzo Lamas.
(Who is Lorenzo? You've seen him in at least something- http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001444/)

He looks great, although he immediately starts ripping into why Shayne went on the show in the first place. Ouch.
But then she smooths it out, and Lorenzo brings Matt into another room and basically tells him not to mess with her feelings. Matt gets Lorenzo's blessings... good for him!
Then, they go to see Shayne's mother- Michelle.
She has a leopard print girly house that Shayne bought for her, and wears pink lipstick- fuchsia pink- and matching eyeshadow too!!!
Her younger sister is cute too- they are obviously very California!
Michelle shows Matt old home movies of Shayne dancing... so funny!
Matt passes with flying colors!!!!

Now, Chelsea, in Durango, CO.
Her parents look like sweet, good hearted people.
Then her dad asks "So is it the 25 or the one?"
Meaning, did Matt get into it for all the girls or to find just one- and Matt actually tells how his dad had a stroke at the end of 2006 and that helped Matt realize that he was ready to settle down.
Chelsea admits to her dad that she didn't want to like Matt because she doesn't want to get hurt, but she likes him and she needs to tell him.
Um, the promo just said that this is the season finale- oops- I didn't know!

I think Amanda will be the final one- unless something happens and from the look of her hometown visit it might be just a bit too weird!
On to Noelle (also from Colorado)
It's a tad awkward and they definitely grill him the most (so far) but I think Matt sees bigger potential in Noelle long term, there is something that's just... right...about the two of them.

Ohhhh Amanda.
She was my favorite- until she reveals that she hired two ACTORS to portray her parents in order to prank Matt.
In my opinion, not the right time for a prank.
The actors are rude, over the top and make it totally uncomfortable for Matt.
Amanda's fake mom totally hits on Matt and then her fake dad comes out and 'catches' it- and finally Amanda comes out and apologizes for how 'weird' her parents are being- and poor Matt makes excuses for them telling her it's probably difficult for them to meet him!
She finally tells him the joke is on him and he is "IMPRESSED" - his words, not mine!
Huh? I mean, I'm glad he took it well, but still, seriously was this the right time for Amanda to prove how she could 'get' Matt?
He liked her real parents a lot more!!!

Rose Ceremony- Matt has to send one girl home- I think that Chelsea is going tonight- maybe Noelle- I'm torn.
(And confused- thought this was the finale???)

Shayne gets the first rose.

Amanda get the second.
(I know, I am getting good at predicting this stuff!)
I think Chelsea goes.

Final rose goes to... Chelsea.
Bye Noelle (c'mon two out of three isn't bad!)

And, the final three are going to Barbados next week.... I still think the final two are Amanda and Shayne.

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  1. I thought Chelsea was out too- but I think it will be her turn next week... I'm rooting for Shayne all the way