Apr 7, 2008

The Bachelor

Another week, another episode where you can actually watch America's pride eroding... by way of the nine women left who insist that conventional dating just isn't enough for them and that in order to find true love, in it's purest form, they must appear on a tv show... and I happily watch.

I know Amanda is my favorite, but I hope there is more drama from her this week.
There will be one group date, one individual date (where she either gets a rose or goes home) and one double date- where one women does go home...

The group date is tennis and tea- sounds, well actually kind of boring, but that is one of many reasons why I am not on the show... many reasons.
(I have a secret belief that the English don't actually have 'afternoon tea'- they just like watching us all think they have tea and imitate them...)
Chelsea is a great athlete, she probably deserves the date rose, if its only based on athleticism.
Shayne, my favorite Malibu barbie, actually does a sick handstand leap thing- to the surprise of us all! Girl wears six inch heels and can do a double tuck back flip!
Ashlee is starting to annoy me... its her dopey giggle, and the way she keeps singing, like she actually has a singing career and this is something she is doing on the side... we all know she's really here to get exposure, and if she gets a date on the way, cool... giggle...she does physically resemble Jewel, but that's about where the similarity ends!
They all had tea after tennis, and pretended to not think about the rose, which was exactly what they were all focused on.
Robyn talked wayyyy too much about tea...but it was a way of keeping his attention on her, so it obviously worked because he went on a walk with her.
Shayne takes it upon herself to show Robyn how obnoxious she is... DRAMA..meow!
Matt gives the rose to Chelsea! She's safe for another week (my third fave girl, so... nice!)

Meanwhile, the second date box arrived- Amanda gets the one on one date! Yay! Yikes!!! She better get the rose!!!

That pits Holly and Marshanna against each other for the two on one date- which you can bet ABC will air over and over again, like they did a few seasons ago when that girl bawled her eyes out after Andy left her in the freezing cold and flew off in a helicopter with the other girl (it was rated most dramatic moment ever on the recap show)

Amanda is stunning- I am nervous for her that if she doesn't open up a little he'll send her home. (Matt does an awful Fonze impression)
The theme of their date is a 50's diner- guess a Brits idea of fun on the US?
She doesn't have the meeps yet!
They fall into an easy discussion, then they do a 50's dance... kinda. Matt can't dance.
Matt gives Amanda the rose, without hesitation, and she still hasn't meeped once yet!!!
Then they go to the Santa Monica Pier- which is open only for them! How fun!!!
They smooch at the top of the ferris wheel.... awwww

Holly and Marshanna's date box arrives, in a big pot- filled with cooking utensils. Drama starts before the date even does- mostly from Marshanna- I really want her to go home.
She's a hard person, her whole personality is hardcore, and that is so intense day in and day out, she truly needs to hang out on Venice Beach for a while and see how to RELAX!
Marshanna states 'there isn't anything holding me to New York' which really doesn't fit with her whole "I'm from NY and a fashion designer' mantra from earlier.
Holly says it in a sweeter way "Put me on a deserted island, it doesn't matter, all I need is you..."
You can tell who I want to stay...
Yuck, Marshanna kisses Matt and he stops kissing her before she stops, and he's awkwardly looking at her kissing him... so odd.
Please send Marshanna home, please- what an idiot.
I am speechless.
He sent Holly home.

Blah. On to the rose ceremony- if he sends Shayne home I will be so mad.
Not really, but annoyed.

Besides Marshanna
and Chelsea
and Amanda are safe...
Getting the rose is:

Shayne (thank goodness, all is not lost yet!)

Robyn (don't get it, but better than Marshanna)

Noelle are safe...
That makes:

So Ashlee and Kelly are out... I'm ok with that for this week, except Marshanna!!!
Ashlee fake cries and tells the camera how she 'wishes he saw more to her than just her songwriting' and then proceeds to half sniffle/half cry/half sing the rest of her interview about how broken hearted she is!!!
Thanks Ashlee, maybe you'll get an audition out of it!

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