Apr 1, 2008

The Bachelor (Week Three)

I remembered to make my pick this week before the game closed! I am watching the episode online at http://www.abc.com/, and after I will choose my new picks for the week and tell you how many points I made this week...
(21 out of a possible 27! Make your pick here: http://games.abc.go.com/bachelor/frontpage)
So, Holly gets the first one-on-one date with Matt- which is a double edged sword because if he doesn't give her the rose on the date, she has to leave immediately after it. On the plus side, she gets to attend a Hollywood premiere (Made of Honor, starring Patrick Dempsey) with him, so that's fun! (Matt actually seems more excited than Holly to be going to a red carpet event... I am not sure how I feel about that yet).
How cute (and staged) they kiss as they exit the limo. I just noticed, she is wearing a pair of shoes I used to own about five years ago! Her dress is super fun though. Why did they get to put their hand prints in concrete? (And how schoolboy of Matt to graffiti 'Matt + Holly' with a heart too?)
Obviously it was a staged premiere- because the entire theater was empty except for the two of them. This also means that the press outside was there for the show, not for the movie... kind of a disappointment for me.
It's ok, after the movie (which looks decent!) they WALK across the street to the Roosevelt Hotel and go up to the penthouse (Hint: The real party is always down by the pool, but whatever!) They have dinner out on the rooftop terrace, but the whole time Holly keeps looking at the rose- it gets awkward when Matt says it seems as though they are almost TOO comfortable with each other... finally, when they are already kissing in the hot tub, he gives her the rose. One down.
Ha Ha- the producers have a great sense of humor (for once) when they have the concrete with Matt and Holly's hand prints delivered to the house- totally psyches the other girls out!

The group date is ten girls (minus Shayne who is getting the second one-on-one date) playing rugby.
In U.K, an old saying goes "football is a gentleman's game played by ruffians and rugby is a ruffians game played by gentleman". In most rugby-playing countries, rugby union is widely regarded as an "establishment," historically amateur sport, played mostly by members of the middle classes. For example, many students at private schools and grammar schools play rugby union. By contrast, rugby league has traditionally been seen as a working and middle class, professional, pursuit. A contrast to this ideology is evident in the neighbouring unions of England and Wales. In England the sport is very much associated with the public schools system (i.e. independent/private schools). In Ireland, rugby union is also associated with private education and the "D4" stereotype, and this image of the spoilt, ignorant, wealthy rugby-playing jock inspired the best-selling Ross O'Carroll Kelly novels. In Wales, rugby is associated with small village teams which consisted of coal miners and other industrial workers playing on their days off.
Wonder which game the girls played???
While they were out wrestling in the mud for Matt's attention, Holly let Shayne in on a little secret- she (gasp) brought her spray tanner to the house! Shayne gets all psyched jumping up and down squealing how awesome that is... the next scene is Shayne in a shower cap and bikini getting airbrushed in a bathtub! Seriously.
Back to rugby...
Marshana gets cracked in the mouth (or is it a trick to get attention from Matt... which is what all the other girls assume immediately) turns out its real and she split her lip (ew).
Except it totally worked and she got attention from Matt.
After the game they head back to Matt's house (its not his REAL house dummies- just where the production is keeping him during filming, yeesh!) and the real date begins when all the girls vie for the rose... Kelly and Matt get a massage and she comes on really strong, but later Matt and Robyn mack it in the hot tub...
Matt gives the rose to Robyn. (Cue the cat fights ladies!)
Maserati time!
Matt picks up Shayne in a production borrowed Mas and they go to a wine tasting... if she doesn't get a rose, she's out.
They actually have a decent discussion, and she finally tells him who her dad is (Lorenzo Lamas) but Matt also voices his concern that she's not ready for marriage at 22- which she kind of agrees with but also says she is open to it with the right guy (my words,not hers).
She admits she has at least 400 pairs of shoes, and that she is high maintenance... Matt describes her 'sometimes being one sandwich short of a picnic, and other times being the greatest thing since sliced bread'.
But Malibu Barbie gets her rose (plays a little coy about accepting it, but we're on to her tactics- hello, she's an actress...)
Pre Rose Ceremony Cocktail time- Robyn (who already has a rose from the group date) interrupts some of the one-on-one time Matt is having with the other girls, and the other girls confront her about it after... then it's time for the roses-
Already safe:
Holly, Robyn and Shayne

Now- the remaining girls:

Amanda (still my favorite!)


Kelly (WHY!!!)



Marshana (another WHY!!!)
Bye bye to the other three...


and Kristine.

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