Mar 11, 2008

Spitzer a.k.a. Client #9

The scandal get even juicier! In an article posted today

it outlines how the IRS put up a red alert for a shell company that it thought was transferring odd amounts of money and suspected of money laundering- this was the shell corporation that fronted the call-girl company...

During the investigation, it became apparent that
"As part of a 47-page complaint filed against four people arrested in the case last week, Client 9's needs and desires are laid out in sordid detail: A tryst at a glitzy Washington, D.C., hotel on the eve of Valentine's Day. Waiting in room Room 871, a pretty, petite brunette named "Kristen," a $1,000-an-hour call girl. At 9:36 p.m. Kristen reported Client 9 was "coming to her at the hotel." By 12:02 a.m., after all was said and done, Kristen told a booker she had collected $4,300 to clear up an outstanding balance of $2,721.41, and then some. Adding she "liked" the client with a reputation as "difficult," who sometimes asked "to do things you might not think were safe ... very basic things." The next morning the governor testified at a bond investment hearing on Capitol Hill, revealing nothing of a side of Eliot Spitzer that he had evidently tried so hard to hide."

Dude. Not only did you get caught being naughty with a call girl before Valentine's Day- you were dumb enough to ask her for things you were too ashamed to do with your wife giving this girl the ultimate power- you know the book will come out soon!!!

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