Mar 12, 2008

Open Apology to Eliot Spitzer

Mr. Spitzer,

I thought it was funny when the news first broke- you, the figurehead for cleaning out the corruption and scandal in corporate America, lapsed in judgement and action and acted inappropriately.

Today, I watched as your wife stood by your side as you announced your resignation. Any doubt that your career could be saved flickered out of existence. I have seen how the pain of the past few days has aged you and your wife, and it makes me sad for you both.

I am sorry for some of the comments I have made regarding your situation, at your expense. Watching how big the ripples are growing, I realized this entire situation has expanded out of control and I will do my part to minimize it by not covering it any longer. I wish you and your family the best of luck. The next few months will be horrific for you, each nightmare will seem as though it couldn't possibly get worse, and yet somehow it does. You have my sympathy for the pain and suffering you are about to endure.


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