Mar 10, 2008

Jerusalem Massacre Video

Someone emailed me the link to this video, and I would like to share it here. I think that ignorance is the beginning of most conflict, and if we can educate others, maybe we can stop some of the conflict.

Before you watch the video, let me say this. It hit me on a very personal level. Recently there was a death in my family and when I got the phone call the song on the video was playing in the background, as I watched I grew more and more emotional.
Another thing that resonated within me as I watched and cried was the ages of these children. They were innocent boys, regardless of what their country and its leaders have done, they were CHILDREN!
I have brothers their ages, and I just watched as the video shows the pictures, names and ages of those who died, and I cried.

I don't care what color, race, religion you are. We are all people at the end of the day and for us as a human race to stand there and allow atrocities to happen day in and day out is unacceptable. I never speak up, mostly because I don't want to become a target, but this video really hit home for me and I want to spread it to as many people as I can. If it helps one more person get motivated to make a change, then I did what I set out to do.

As people, we need to find a way to solve the conflict. Mistakes have been made by both sides, and even if we never forget- we need to find a way to fix it before it happens again and more innocent children get hurt. Please send this to everyone you know, please help me make a difference.

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