Mar 25, 2008

How I Met Your Mother

I cannot handle it! Obviously it was the best worst kept secret that Britney Spears was guest starring on this week's episode... what they didn't tell us was that Sarah Chalke (formerly of Scrubs) was also going to be in the episode!

First of all, it was a great episode! I still love this show and look forward to many many new episodes...
Now, Britney was okay, I mean the acting was very bad but I don't care- I am so glad she was part of a project and hope this is one step on her road to getting back on top.
Sarah Chalke was great- and now we have a clue that she might have been the girl at the St. Patrick's party on last week episode where Ted starts the show by saying 'Kids, your mom was at that party only I didn't know it at the time."
Course, Bob Saget might just be toying with my emotions... don't read too deeply into it.

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