Mar 10, 2008

Elliot Spitzer Prostitution Scandal

As I sat watching the news today, the craziest news broke on CNN- Elliot Spitzer is 'involved' in a prostitution ring...

You can read the breaking story from the NY Times here:

All of the networks are buzzing about it and they expect Mr. Spitzer to hold a press conference any minute... which I will try to blog live...

The first thing that came to mind is that the writer's of Big Shots stole the plot from this- remember when the guy was being blackmailed for having had an 'encounter' with a she at a gas station who later was found out to be a he with a little black book? Then I realized that was filmed a few months ago at least! So my second thought was- didn't Elliot Spitzer watch the show and think to himself that he better stop or the same type of thing could happen to him?

Oooh- or what if the person involved got the idea from watching that episode???

What was a little bit funnier for me was the guy CNN had on the air to talk about it- Ben Smith of you can read his little blurb on it here:
but the part that caught my eye was the comments from all the 'outraged' readers!

It's pretty funny, yes this is totally out of the blue and unexpected- especially from this particular person, but why are people angry? Shocked, caught off guard, sure- but mad? I don't get it!

People are really buzzing about how this will affect Hillary Clinton's run now- which I also understand but still think is pretty funny.

Keep checking back, I'll update...

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