Mar 17, 2008

The Bachelor (Season Premier!!!)

I am so psyched for this season's bachelor Matt Grant- they are shaking things up by bringing in a British guy this time, I guess hoping that women will tune in just to hear him talk?

Anyway, I am living blogging it so stay tuned...You can read about him and check out the show:

Plus, every week you can pick your favorites and there are prizes for the players who choose correctly...register and play here:

Here goes...
Starting out kinda goofy
"Once upon a time there was a bachelor looking for his wife, and he had to travel halfway around the world to find her..."
He's kind of... nerdy (those are my father-in-law's words! I swear!!!)
I feel like he's really really playing up being a British import, but probably is not that big a deal in England... I get the sense if he was a Manhattan guy, he'd be that guy who brags about being a broker at Bear Sterns or something.... you get my point!

Great ad placement Maserati...
(I actually am a fan of the new Quattroporte FYI)

So, 25 beautiful women- remains to be seen (Sometimes they come up with some real 'winners')

Kinda sucks that it's raining so hard as he pulls up- how much would it suck if one of the women slipped coming out of the limo? (Suck for her, entertaining for us though)

Hah! Called it- he's a banker!!!
I knew it- I could just tell... he cannot possibly be whining about how hard it is to meet women in London? That is so offensive! He'll never be welcome home again, the way he is bashing his own ladies...

From the promos for the rest of this episode, I feel as though the bar was set way low this season. They seem like a much less classier bunch somehow, can't figure out what it is yet.

25 Girls:

Ooh, I like the first one- Amanda R.- pretty legs and like the blue dress. Really classy, pretty smile!

Amy, did a little twirl as she walked up, seems like a sorority girl

Devon- wow- pretty, but seems a little devious...

Kristine- eh, no real first impression

Chelsea- not so cute

Erin H.- hate that she told him she was wearing a ring until he replaced it with one from him

Kelly- another eh, no real impression yet

Rebecca- looks like someones mom got lost on the way to soccer practice (why is she here?)

Denise- wow, a Jay Leno chin, but love the color of her dress

Erin S.- looks like a porn star, seriously, not her clothes even, just the way she is...

Robin- pretty-ish, stunning dress, but I think she might be devious

Ashlee- looks like she is going out clubbing (love the dress, but not dressy enough) and seems VERY sorority - looks like Jewel too

Alyssa- needs to fix her hair

Michelle P.- eh, like the dress color, she seems like a suck up

Shayne- very sultry entrance, she is pretty and OBVIOUSLY from California (you can just tell)

Marshanna- instant hate on first sight

Amanda P.- not the prettiest but a sweetheart, great personality with a fun dress

Tamara- yuck, she's the snobby waspy blah

Holly- really cutesy, like her dress and the color a lot, seems very genuine

Tiffany-Looks old and bossy

Carri- pretty dress, she seems cornfed sweet

Stacey- wow, way too much first impression, she's wearing blue sparkly long flowy swishy...

Lesley- I like her a lot, pretty with an easy grace and nice dress

Michele R.- hmm, something weird about her face, but she could be cute

Noelle- why is she looking off, even though she seems pretty? Can't figure it out yet

So, I have a few favorites, and I'll keep track of them until he gets rid of a bunch today and then list who I think will make it each week.

Matt joins the party- and the grilling begins. I think Ashlee is on the show to promote her career. They all keep going on and on about his accent... and he does the funniest American imitation. I like Amanda R.- the first girl out of the limo, a lot.
Chelsea comes on a bit strong, still dislike her. She challenges him to an arm wrestling contest. He is trying to let her win, without giving in, and then he let's her have the win.
Carri is sweet, and Denise totally turned it political and she's a huge Bush fan and worked for Carl Rove (why the heck is she admitting this stuff?) But Carri beats her- by biting a piece out of a can and handing it to him!
Rebecca (who I thought was uptight) totally breaks it out and starts dirty dancing!
Tiffany, hate! Hate so much.
Marshanna too- needs to go home tonight! "I am a beauty queen, I am Miss Earth New York..." Yuck.
Ashlee, my Jewel lookalike, wrote him a song- that she performs with a guitar for him! Dumb as a rock, can play guitar, thinks she's as good as Alanis- except she's totally not.
Amanda R. has hiccups- chronic ones! But I really like her.
Michelle P. brought the clarinet and puts it together in front of him... and actually says "the reed, it has to be wet in order to vibrate" out loud. Then makes him listen as she plays a slow annoying song. Send her home!
(When did this show turn into the talent part of a beauty pageant? We don't care what you can do- just be sweet, pretty and play nice with the other girls!)
Still really like Shayne, although she is an actress, and her dad is LORENZO LAMAS but she says it has nothing to do with this...
Stacy is nuts- she has a tramp stamp tatoo and slithers up to Matt and slides her white thing into his pocket- except his suit doesn't have one so she stuffs it in his pants! Trashy!
They are all vying for the first impression rose (Shayne I predict).
I was wrong but it's ok- Amanda!!! The one I liked too!!!!
Way to go!
So the rose ceremony... here are the first finalists:
Amanda R. (first impression rose)
Michelle P.
Erin S.
Erin H.

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