Feb 26, 2008

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2.26.06

I saw Craig Ferguson and Regis and Shanna Moakler today!!!

Eeep! We were randomly walking on the Santa Monica Pier today and saw a lady giving away seats to sit through a taping of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson at CBS studio's in Hollywood. Above, a picture of said studio.
The line wasn't bad at all, and we met a sweet couple on vacation from Vancouver (the lady in the black dress behind me).

I couldn't take pics but we smuggled my iPhone in and took a pic by the CBS backdrop inside (sorry it's blurry). Anyway, Craig Ferguson is HILARIOUS and we had a great time. He interviewed Regis (yes, that Regis) who is TINY in person, and who talked forever, and then he interviewed Shanna Moakler... whom I thought looked very pretty in a lavender top- unfortunately for her, Regis talked so much her segment will be aired of Friday...
Anyway, Chunky B (the audience warmer upper guy) was pretty funny too, and we sat in the front row, to the right side... so watch tonight or in re-runs tomorrow night (they replay it late at about 1:30am) and keep your eyes peeled- hard to miss us- I'm wearing teal and sitting in the very front!

Craig is funny, you should all start watching his show- he really ripped on Starbucks and has the greatest sound effects...
It was definitely a lot of fun, and I am totally going to do it again- but I want to sit in for Leno next time (different studio though)...

p.s. it was 78 degrees here today- why do you still live on the East Coast????

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