Feb 28, 2008

Lakers v Miami Heat 2.28.08 (and Jack Nicholson)

Tonight the Lakers played the Miami Heat at the Staples Center in Downtown LA
Which is located right next to the brand new Nokia Theater

View from the restaurant in the Staples Center
View from our seats

Such a boring first half... but it got better after half time

If you click on this picture, the guy sitting in the front row to the left of the purple table, next to the kid is Jack Nicholson!!!
In the picture below, see the man leaving the game? That's... (wait for it) Jack Nicholson!!!

There he is again, about to leave under the Laker's awning

The final score... and an empty stadium mere moments after the game ended!!!
It was awesome- and there was an absolutely mind blowing play at the end of the game- way to go Kobe and #5- he worked his ass off!!! (So did #15, but #5 was better)

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