Feb 19, 2008

California Callin...

As a brand new California resident (permanently, FINALLY) I have been very busy getting everything organized and moving in... hence the lack of posting the past few weeks...

Here are a few random picks from Venice Beach and also the Tejon Pass (on I-5) that I took over the past week. If you don't live here yet, you should move here- takes ten years off your life INSTANTLY!!!

Happy Cows come from CALIFORNIA!
(literally looks exactly like the commercials!)

How cool- when I drove through the Tejon Pass, there was SNOW on the mountains, but it was 73 degrees outside!?! How nice would NY be if that was the winter there????

Wait for it....

....Bonus- Jeremy Piven's house in Malibu!!!!!
(I'm not a stalker, I was looking to rent a place nearby and the broker pointed it out as a selling point- can you just imagine taking out the trash and seeing Jeremy Piven jog by? How fun!!!)

The guy wanted $1200 for the huge one crystal. He said he went to Arkansas and dug them up himself...

Click on the photo- see the cool jellyfish paperweight in the middle of the table? How cool are they???

I like this carving- every time I pass it, I just think it's a Medusa-like mythical fairy type thing- absolutely love it!

Anyone see 'BIG'?

These little cars carved from wood are so cute (not as cool as the real thing though)

Mini Bob Marley ashtray!!!
(not sure if it's supposed to be Marley or if I just nicknamed the little dude that...)

I love how open and non-judgemental Venice Beach is... openly selling pretty pipes...

Self explanatory

Thought this was interesting, wonder if they say 'Made in Taiwan' though (forgot to check)

Souvenir mini surf boards- a sport I actually am considering thinking about trying...

Have a good one!

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